What can you contribute to our college essay

Planning Your Essay Tip 1: Then a small group of admissions officers will review each application, looking over the scores and coursework and reading the college application essays.

What can you contribute to our college essay

We are talking about supplements for college application essays. Even though supplemental essays usually are short—usually a paragraph or two—many students are stumped on how to structure them.

Or on just how to start or end them. Jump right into your points or answers. Be direct, but include details and specific examples.

Here are a couple ideas to help you get going. These are for the most common supp: Often, this point is an example of a larger feature you like about the school.

what can you contribute to our college essay

On school tour, you learned all students are thrown in a fountain on their birthday, and how you think traditions like that show a tight-knit, supportive college atmosphere, which you like.

You can spend a couple sentences describing this point, including specific details or emotion to give it color and interest. If you want, you could end this paragraph with some type of broader statement about how what you value give specifics lines up with what they value.

Now flush out your other points. Draw from several areas in these examples: If you make a point, back it up with a specific detail or example. Better to use your space to give specific examples and make points supporting your main ideas. Start by stating what was the main thing that first attracted you to this school.

Or you could start with your first impression while on a school tour, or with what a friend of a friend told you about her or his experience.

These are just ideas on how to get started.

what can you contribute to our college essay

At the end of this paragraph, you can make a more general statement about the overall main reason you want to go there—and mostly likely this will be about your field of interest top engineering program; study abroad emphasized; key location for future goals, etc.

This is where you can give more details on other top reasons you connect with that school. Something first attracted you, but as you researched you learned about more and more features that you liked… You can flesh out the idea of how what they offer supports your academic goals—give specifics, such as individual classes, internship opportunities, special facilities, top professors, type of peers, supportive values, etc.

But you can also mention other parts of the school that attract you and support your education goals—socially, lifestyle, philosophical values, hobbies, location, etc.

Best to use the space to make solid points. You also might find my other post, Why College X?Here, Kofi discusses a key aspect of the MBA application- demonstrating how you will contribute to the school.

Section 1: Planning Your Essay

Take it from here, Kofi Every program, and certainly the top schools request within the MBA application that each prospective student indicate “how they will contribute to the school”. It is not realized that all thing activities that everyone does contribute to the college community setting.

Everyone has a talent that can make the community college better and work more productively. All that I have achieved in life can not only make my life better, but could also benefit others who are in . Example College Admissions Personal Essay. Instructions: What qualities or unique characteristics do you possess that would allow you to contribute to the university community?

College Admissions Personal Essay.

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What Will You Contribute to Our College? Learn good (and bad) ways to respond to this common college interview question. Compare and contrast essay between highschool and college.

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