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Tutor help with homework

History[ edit ] Tutoring began as an informal and unstructured method of educational assistance, dating back to periods in Ancient Greece. Tutors operated on an ad-hoc or impromptu basis in varied and unfixed settings wherein the main goal of the tutor was to impart knowledge to the learner in order to help the latter gain proficiency in the subject area.

Methods of tutoring only began to become more structured after the 20th century through focus and specialisation in the training of tutors, application of tutoring, and evaluation of tutors. British and Irish secondary schools[ edit ] See also: Teaching assistant United Kingdom In British and Irish secondary schoolsform tutors are given the responsibilities of a form or class of students in a particular year group up to 30 students.

They usually work in year teams headed by a year leader, year head, or guidance teacher. Ordinarily, the form tutor is the person who contacts a parent if there is a problem at school; however, the year leader or guidance teacher may contact the parents, since the form tutor has full-time responsibility as a specialist subject teacher.

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Private tutoring in Asia[ edit ] A study by the Asian Development Bank and the Comparative Education Research Centre at the University of Hong Kong pointed out that private tutoring can dominate the lives of young people and their families, maintain and exacerbate social inequalities, divert needed household income into an unregulated industry, and create inefficiencies in education systems.

It can also undermine official statements about fee-free education and create threats to social cohesion. This is partly due to the stratification of education systems, cultural factors, perceptions of shortcomings in regular school systems, and the combination of growing wealth and smaller family sizes.

tutor help with homework

Online private tutor matching platform and online learning platform offering online learning materials are other creations. In Cambodia, most tutoring is provided by teachers, [8] whereas in Hong Kong, it is provided by individuals, small companies or large companies.

It suggested that in order to reduce the need for private lessons, improvements in mainstream schools should be made. Regulations are also needed to protect consumers. Some online tutoring marketplaces, however, have managed to aggregate a large number of private tutors on their platform and also tutoring data.

For example, one such site has over 34, registered tutors in California and made public their tutoring hourly rate data. This means that the shadow system can make regular schooling less efficient. Situations in which teachers provide extra private lessons for pupils for whom they are already responsible in the public system can lead to corruption, particularly when teachers deliberately teach less in their regular classes in order to promote the market for private lessons.

Academic coaching[ edit ] Academic coaching is a type of mentoring applied to academics. Coaching involves a collaborative approach. Coaches try to help students learn how they best learn and how to operate in an academic environment.

Tutors help students learn the material in individual courses while coaches help students learn how to be successful in school.

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And this leads to higher scores and better performance in class. And this leads to higher scores and better performance in class. A tutor is a person who provides assistance or tutelage to one or more people on certain subject areas or skills.

The tutor spends a few hours on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to transfer their expertise on the topic or skill to the student.

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Tutoring can take place in different settings, such as a classroom, a formal tutoring center, or the home of the tutor. Access quality crowd-sourced study materials tagged to courses at universities all over the world and get homework help from our tutors when you need it.

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