Strategic role of the sales person for online consumers

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Strategic role of the sales person for online consumers

It seems sensible to kick off this resource with a definition of trade marketing. Broadly speaking, trade marketing is a form of B2B marketing.

Normally, the objective of a trade marketing campaign is to sell products to companies who can then go on to sell those items to their customers. Who uses trade marketing and how? Manufacturers use trade marketing.

Strategic role of the sales person for online consumers

Basically, the whole process works like this: For a product to be sold in a shop, the retailer first needs to purchase the item from somewhere. Retailers will buy products either directly from a manufacturer, or via a wholesaler or distributor.

The retailer will then sell those products to the public. Manufacturers need trade marketing methods to try and create demand for a product with retailers, wholesalers and distributors. In a perfect world, everyone in a sales chain will make money.

Okay, but what are wholesalers and distributors? Wholesalers and distributors act as middlemen; they essentially connect manufacturers to retailers. They buy products from manufacturers in bulk and sell them on to retailers. The sole aim for both wholesalers and distributors is to sell products, but distributors can offer additional services.

They tend to offer more of an end-to-end service for manufacturers, by managing client relationships and orders.

Distributors will generally be much more proactive with a product. For instance, part of their role might be to seek out potential sales opportunities in a market.

Why do manufacturers need trade marketing? Or let me phrase this question another way: Why must a product be marketed before it reaches the consumer?

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Well, if my previous definition was any good, then the answer should be obvious. The retailer is in the position of power. And they know it [as does the rest of the supply chain].

Trade marketing is the difference between a retailer choosing one product to sell over another [regardless of whether that retailer is sourcing that product from in the supply chain]. You see, unfortunately, manufacturers will always face a couple of BIG challenges no matter what happens.

The first is competition. Retailers need to believe in a product in order to sell it, so marketing makes all the difference. The second is space.

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Logistically speaking, bricks and mortar shops only have a finite number of items that they can sell. The margins are fine because retailers can only pick so many products at any one time. Trade marketing helps manufacturers make their product more appealing to retailers, wholesalers and distributers.

I mean, looking at it from the perspective of either a retailer, wholesaler or distributer, why should one item take precedence over another? Why will one product make more money that another?Retail is the process of selling consumer goods or services to customers through multiple channels of distribution to earn a profit.

Retailers satisfy demand identified through a supply term "retailer" is typically applied where a service provider fills the small orders of a large number of individuals, who are end-users, rather than large orders of a small number of wholesale.

Social media marketing is an integral element of 21st-century business. However, the literature on social media marketing remains fragmented and is focused on .

The work of ICPEN focuses around specific initiatives, which aim to implement the Network’s strategic objectives to: Generate and share information and intelligence on consumer protection issues. Despite a decline in the number of bank branches in , branch deposits increased by %. And, even though consumers are shifting more and more to digital channels to conduct their business, they still want to go into a branch to solve complex issues or get specialized/personal advice.

Digital marketing. Perhaps there’s a perception out there that manufacturing is a fairly boring subject matter. But so long you’re a little creative, you can create . Fred R.

Strategic role of the sales person for online consumers

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