Blind date tv show 1980s

He is said to have made a huge sum in alone. He is currently presenting Blind Date, a revival of the series originally presented by Cilla Black.

Blind date tv show 1980s

It wasn't until two years later that any form of game show appeared. In fact, the very first game show ever shown was very possibly the worst ever. Hosted by Freddie Grisewood, the panel of guests were asked to spell a series of words.

And that was it. The host was bedecked in schoolmaster garb as a way of adding kudos to what was otherwise a light-hearted quiz - a technique that countless other shows would use throughout the century.

It was not until the late 80s that children were treated as young people rather than schoolkids. Television closed down during the Second World War, and even when the service returned most of the programmes shown throughout the rest of the s were largely forgettable.

Blind date tv show 1980s

It was another simple panel game, nevertheless it ran in numerous different versions on two different channels through to the mid 90s. The programme was the first US import of a Goodson and Todman show - many more were to follow.

The BBC's monopoly was broken in when the government decided that a commercial station ITV should come into being. Its two defining characteristics were that it would carry commercials and be formed from a number of local companies.

Finally, a gay Blind Date. What took so long? | Rebecca Nicholson

This localised nature led to some game shows being shown in some parts of the country but not others, a situation which still exists today. Since the content of such programmes is frequently non-dependent on the area in which the show is broadcast, this is still something of an anomaly for the game show fan - but nevertheless a better situation than is currently endured in the USA where few programmes are syndicated.

Although there are still a few anomalies in the Scottish regions, in general all prime time game shows in the UK can be seen throughout the country. Associated Rediffusion, one of the ITV franchise companies, hit the big time with Take Your Pickthe first show to offer money prizes.

Game show fever reached its height in the autumn ofwhen the ITV network was putting a quiz out in prime time six nights a week from Sunday to Friday: Many of these shows were imported from the USA, a trend which only slowed down in the s.

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The big money shows didn't all have their way - celebrity panel games such as I've Got a Secret and Tell the Truth also added to the mix. In fact, the only reason these two shows ever ended was due to Associated Rediffusion losing their regional licence in a local franchise reorganisation ordered by the government.

People are Funny and Make Up Your Mind showed early signs of using stunts and practical jokes - a key theme of the mid s onwards. Crackerjack provided panto-style fun for schoolkids from It's less well known that Twenty One was dropped by Granada in the UK when a contestant here also claimed that he had been given "definite leads" to the answers.

The introduction of a second BBC channel in did little to alter the outlook, since it had been created to provide alternative higher-brow programming than mere quiz shows, and for several years Call My Bluff was the channel's only game show of any note.

Meanwhile back on ITV, the unashamedly highbrow University Challenge was perhaps the most surprising hit of the decade.

Blind date tv show 1980s

Bob Monkhouse and the Golden Shot Early attempts were made at high-tech gimmicks, such as the Telebow in The Golden Shot - a show that reached popularity when it was moved into the traditional graveyard slot of Sunday afternoons.

From the late 60s to early 70s, Hughie Green's long-running talent show Opportunity Knocks finally began to hit the ratings top 20, thanks to some long run commissions. The politically incorrect comedian and countless other suburban sitcoms were having the fun over on ITV.

In response, the BBC provided a stern alternative for proper, upstanding middle-class families in the form of Ask the Family. Families were also featured heavily in 's the Generation Gamewhich was to have its heyday in the mid 70s.

Nicholas Parsons and friends The turbulent political situation in the late s, with strikes rife and the economy in freefall, gave Ted Rogers plenty of ammunition for his routines on Here, amongst the very weak puns, you could see occasional glimpse of the kind of satirical humour that would eventually surface in the late 80s onwards.

A further illustration of the strike culture is provided by an all-out strike at the BBC on 22nd December Beyond Gen Game and Salethe other shows of the 70s were very much a mixed bag.Blind Date 1 9 8 5 – 2 0 0 3 (UK) Cilla Black presented a “lorra lorra laughs” on Blind Date – a show that owed much of its success to the fact that Cilla never sang on it.

Blind Date is coming back this weekend. So much has changed since the s, both on TV and in society itself, that what returns to our screens may not be a straight-forward, fully-intact teleport of the format, but rather a mutant mish-mash: a half-fly Jeff Goldblum .

Channel 5 plans to revive popular game show formerly fronted by Cilla Black Blind Date is to return to TV after more than 13 years with a revamped version of the show airing on Channel 5 this year.

Welcome to Glamour UK. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. Blind Date Being obsessed with hot vampires is nothing new; seminal vamp TV show Buffy saw to that.

With a distinctly 90s feel throughout, Sarah Michelle Geller was the darling of teen TV as she high-kicked and cute.

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