Blackmail in politics

Brock sold the home in May The current owner razed the house and divided the plot for two new properties.

Blackmail in politics

Best-selling, award-winning novels and books explore our changing world. Scientist NASA adviser, astrophysicist, futurist, tech-punditforecaster. David Brin home political and economic essays Political Blackmail: Lenin, "Political Blackmail" In observing — with some approval — the departure of the corrupt, incompetent and astonishingly lazy th Congress, it is not without some worry that we greet the young and hopeful th.

Will cynics prove right? Will politicians do what they have so often in the past Let me say that I am less worried about the things that dour pundits normally dwell upon — e. So, let me offer up a dark scenario — a warning — that I hope will percolate through channels to every officeholder or sincere civil servant, during an era of political transition.

Indeed, this message may also be pertinent to some members of the Republican establishment! For we are about to discuss a terrible danger and opportunity that crosses party lines. We'll be dealing with traits like honor and pragmatism, cynicism and patriotism, cynical self-protection While negotiating the ethical and political minefield that is Washington, always remain wary of a particular worst-case scenario That worst-case scenario is blackmail.

Always remember that some powerful people will see you as a threat to their interests. Some of the more unscrupulous may seek to neutralize that threat, using some classic methods known across history. One of the most basic ancient techniques — going back to biblical times — has been entrapment and blackmail.

Marine guards at our embassy in Moscow, some decades back? It all started when a few boys — lonely and far from home — were invited to party with some local "students. At any point, early on, those young men could have saved their own lives and served their country, simply by turning themselves in.

The very first to do so might even have saved his career.

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Others could have escaped with minor punishments. Instead, alas, they let themselves be blackmailed, by gradual stages, into doing the KGB "just a few harmless favors" Xeroxing a few embassy visitor lists.

Only then, the Soviets had real dirt on the poor fellows.


Proof of espionage that could produce real prison time. And meanwhile the girls and drugs kept coming. Very soon, those marines were trapped. Fully in the pockets of their nation's enemies. And betraying really harmful secrets.

Security experts and intelligence agents know all about this process, which has been used by kingdoms, empires, syndicates and unscrupulous groups since time immemorial.

Blackmail in politics

Indeed, all through World War Two and the Cold War, it was a key job of counter-intelligence professionals to watch carefully for hints of subornation. They collected and correlated patterns of travel, or unaccountable wealth or crony-favoritism, keeping a wary eye open for anything consistent enough to merit closer scrutiny.

Does it really matter that our roster of "enemies" has changed a bit? The KGB is gone. But there are others who do not want our civilization to thrive.

Or who would influence our top decision-makers in order to be better parasites. Anyone who thought that this classic danger ended with the Cold War has got to be titanically naive.

Bribery is actually far less efficient and reliable than blackmail!

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If you bribe an official or legislator or bureaucrat, they may demand more, next time, or simply say "I helped you enough, this year. It transforms the relationship, making him or her less a business associate and more your personal servant. Has this scenario already been in play, among members of the present ruling caste?Sexual blackmail is likely used as much now as it was in time's past, The major difference between the past and now is that many gay politicians are openly so, and homosexuality isn't crime in most Western nations.

However, his attorney told KMOV-TV that “there was no blackmail.” Trending in Politics. Trump says ‘in retrospect’ he ‘should have’ visited Arlington on Veterans Day. Political blackmail is on everybody's lips at the moment, thanks to Buzzfeed News' publication of an unconfirmed memo filled with allegations about president-elect Donald Trump.

Blackmail: How The Controlling Elite Owns Politicians

The memo — which. Nearly all discussion of politics overlooks a constant but hidden factor: can never know the extent to which our rulers are secretly ruled by others who know their dark secrets.

Political blackmail is the threat of exposing, or the actual exposure, of true, but more often invented, “stories” with the aim of causing an opponent political damage, of slandering him, of depriving him of the possibility of engaging in political activity, or of .

Sexual blackmail is likely used as much now as it was in time's past, The major difference between the past and now is that many gay politicians are openly so, .

Blackmail in Politics